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GAT Student Clubs

At Global Academy of Technology, all the departments run student clubs. These students clubs provide ample opportunities for students to apply classroom learning to the outside world. This helps them to gain invaluable leadership as well as life skills. Further it helps to interconnect all students who have similar interests. These clubs provide a platform for students to interact with alumni and professionals in their fields of interest. This helps you to build formal and informal networks while exploring career opportunities.
Inspired by the societal value of educating and developing a holistic person, GAT student clubs offers dynamic student programs that foster leadership development, complement the classroom experience and build healthy student community. All the student clubs organize techno-cultural events, bring out department newsletters and magazines regularly and create a buzz in the campus. Some student clubs also have their own website. To know more about the department student clubs please visit the respective department website.

Apart from department clubs, there are institute level clubs for both students and staff, namely the photography club, yoga club, aerobics club, nature club.  These clubs provides a platform for hobbyists and those who would like to lead healthy life style.

Nature Club

“Look deep within nature and you will understand everything better”    Albert Einstein
Many of the engineering feats achieved today are an imitation of models, systems and elements of nature.
To encourage students to understand and appreciate the intelligent design of nature and to build a   sense of environmental consciousness, the Nature Club plans various activities  every semester. Activities such as  nature camp, bird watching, trekking, gardening, planting of saplings, guest lectures, interaction with NGOs working in the field and other activates related to conservation of environment are planned. The membership of the club is open to all nature enthusiast among students and staff.

Yoga Club

Hard work and quality education are highly valued by GATians. However, taking quality break from studies and rejuvenating oneself is equally important and essential. As the old English adage goes ‘All work and no play make Johnny a dull boy’, recreation and rejuvenation are important for human mind. Drawing upon the ancient Indian wisdom, GAT has started yoga classes to promote not only physical health but also mental health and spiritual healing.

Simple yoga asana, breathing techniques and meditation is taught to students and staff. These techniques help in improving physical health, concentration, focus and rejuvenating from stressful academic life. The classes are conducted every Monday between 4.00 pm to 5.00 pm.