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Teaching-Learning Center (TLC)

Welcome to the TLC, a unique initiative at the institute!
Since its inception in July 2018, TLC is dedicated to develop and/or enhance teaching –learning effectiveness for both BE and MBA Programs. Under the era of disruptive technologies and ever-growing digital distractions, today’s classrooms are truly challenging in terms of holding students’ concentration, developing students’ engagement while attempting to uncover the syllabus and develop professional skills in the learners. Thus, it is pertinent to develop capacities in teachers to impart education in contemporary means and transform the student’s community for tomorrow’s needs. The centre has been casted under the leadership of dynamic Principal of GAT, Dr N Rana Pratap Reddy.
The Centre is headed by Dr Pratima Khandelwal, who is a passionate trainer-cum-teacher. Resting on significant contribution as HOD, professor and mentor (for both students and young faculty members) and with an understanding about Indian higher education system, she propels energies to add novelty in Teaching-Learning (TL) platforms. Thus, the TLC carries positive zeal for offering OBE tools and active learning techniques for teaching fraternity at the campus and beyond.

Dr. Pratima Khandelwal
Head, Teaching-Learning Center (TLC),
Global Academy of Technology, Bengaluru




Techniques in offer at TLC @ GAT:

  • Interactive Workshops and Seminars on various aspect of T-L platforms and OBE
  • Activity based learning sessions
  • Tools for Active learning/Student Centered teaching
  • Communication building exercises
  • Need based Customized sessions for teachers
  • EI building exercises and sessions
  • Measuring specific objectives for attaining OBE
  • Understanding self for enhancing happiness indices
  • Use of ‘Teachers’ Toolkit’

For suggestions, critique feedback and questions, please email at:,