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About us

Department of Science and Humanities has been effectively functioning since 2001. The Department is unstintingly committed to its basic principles of imparting knowledge and preparing the students towards achieving academic excellence through acquisition of core competence in science and humanities, and be successful as engineering professionals.

Department of Science and Humanities encompasses Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English and foreign language courses being offered to all engineering students. Apart from offering mandatory foundation courses in basic sciences, it also offers courses in English and other foreign languages to enrich communication skills and enhance their employability.

The teaching methodology for the courses and laboratory curriculum is regularly upgraded and aligned to meet to the growing demands and the challenging trends of the modern day industry and research.

Message from HOD

mat-hod-anilpn Welcome to Department of Science and Humanities (SH), dedicated to ensuring great learning experience to its students. The Department is striving hard towards the goal of providing innovative and quality education with high standard to achieve academic excellence through its dedicated and friendly teaching faculty. The department has remained true to the vision on which it was founded. We are committed to imparting essential fundamental knowledge in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Communicative English, and Professional Ethics to every engineering student for successful career. The Department facilitates students to achieve excellence in other professional areas, which primarily include professional ethics, communication skills & technical writing leading to placement. The Department has resourceful faculty promoting English language with the sole purpose of giving ample opportunity for improving their communication skills among students. Today’s global requirement places English Communication skills as one of most critical and crucial factor in making the students employable.

The Department offers intense training in spoken English using the Language Lab facilities. The Language Learning Center has various accessories to enhance listening and speaking skills of the students. The Language Learning Center is well equipped with audio and visual aids and self-study materials. All our faculty members engage in research activity. We encourage students to be part of our interdisciplinary research activity and get recognized.

Come and Join GAT, and be part of our journey of attainment

Wishing you all Good Luck


Program Outcomes

About Faculty

The Department of Science and Humanities has highly qualified and experienced faculty who are actively involved in teaching and research. The faculty members have scholarly publication papers in both national and international journals and have presented papers in the National and International Conferences in India & abroad.

The  faculty members conduct a regular seminar series in addition to national and international conferences,  symposium and workshops.

Focus Areas of Research

1.     Fuzzy soft Graph Theory
2.     Fuzzy soft Topology
3.     Astronomy
4.     Fluid Mechanics
5.    Nano Science
6.    Corrosion Science
7.    Material Science
8.    Atmospheric Science

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Associate Professors

Assistant Professors


  • Achievements

    Over the past several years the Department of Science and Humanities has focused on setting a platform excellence in both students and staff. Some of those highlights are listed below

    1. First place in the Inter Collegiate Climate Science Quiz 2016 organized by Divecha Centre for Climate Change and Centre for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, On Tuesday 27 September 2016 at J.N. Tata Auditorium, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore
    2. Faculty members of the department have published more than 50 research papers in International & National journals & conferences.
    3. Department of Mathematics got a research grant from Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi for carrying out research on “Occultation and Transits in Indian Astronomy-A Mathematical Analysis”


Science laboratories possess excellent facilities, with a comprehensive range of equipment to explore the modern techniques in physics and chemistry for the students to perform experiments during their course of study. Further, for experiential learning the department strongly promotes online virtual laboratories that are available as open course ware in public domain.

The language lab offers an exclusive result oriented and efficient to enrich the English and other foreign language learning process. Language lab is designed such that the students can  actively participate in language learning exercises and get more practice than otherwise possible in a traditional classroom environment.

The software’s at the Language Learning Centre help the students to improve their language proficiency through self-paced practice sessions.

Important  Events

The Department of Science and Humanities has been in the forefront in conducting and hosting many student and staff events for knowledge and skill enhancement. The department academic calendar of events are carefully prepared well in advance, aligning to the institution calendar.

Some of the events conducted are

  • Guest Lecture on ” The Enigma of Science, Engineering and Technology and the story of Enchanting Waves” on 25th September 2019.
  • National Science day : Guest Lecture on “Spectacular Achievements of India in Space” on   28th February 2019.
  • Guest Lecture on “Effects of air pollution on health, vegetation/crops and materials” on 28th August 2018.
  • Science Academies’ Lecture Workshop on “Recent trends in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology” on 2nd& 3rd May 2018.
  • 15 days FDP on Ethics in Education: Faculty- Student Transformation from 6th– 19th November 2017.
  • Science Exhibition was arranged in order to commemorate Marie Curie birthday and to create scientific awareness in the student community on 16th November 2017. Engineering Students, students of National Hill View Public school, Govt High School, Bangarappanagar.
  • Invited talk on “Safe handling Practice of lab glasswares, Chemicals & Safety precautions” by Mr Mithun Kumar on 13th September 2017
  • Two-day Faculty Development Program on “Sampling Theory and Stochastic Process” on 24thand 25th March 2017
  • National Science day Celebration on 28thFebruary 2017
  • Visit to Atomic Minerals Directorate for exploration and research on 28thFebruary 2017 on National Science day celebration
  • Two-day Workshop on “Indian Mathematicians, their work and Astronomy” on 17thand 18th February 2017
  • One day Faculty Development Program on Research Methodology on 22ndFebruary 2017
  • Science exhibition conducted on 15thNovember 2016 to create awareness of Science among students.
  • Guest lecture on “Recent advances in nanoscience & nanotechnology” by Dr. Basavaraj Angadi
  • Guest Lecture on “Why is there a mega-interest in nano-science?” by Dr. S M Shivaprasad.
Click Here for detailed List of Science & Humanities Events

Science Club

Science club was inaugurated at Global Academy of Technology on November 13, 2008  by Dr M S Suresh, former Scientist of ISRO and Mr Hulikul Nataraju of Miracle Research Centre(R), Doddaballapur. Science Club conducts the activities such as Essay competitions, Quizzes, Debates, paper presentations etc., on the topics related to current science and technology.

Department Vision

To be a education provider in Science and Humanities with emphasis on Excellence in Academic and Research for the benefit of Society

Department Mission

  • Impart fundamental knowledge in science for understanding advancements in engineering and technology
  • Provide students with linguistic competence in chosen language and improve communication skill for personal or professional purposes
  • Develop intellectual atmosphere in science and humanities for professional development
  • To inculcate human values and professional ethics among students for building healthier society