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National University of Singapore Students Visit GAT Campus on 30th june 2018

National University of Singapore Students Visit GAT Campus on 30th June 2018

It was very happy and proud moment to host 13 students of NUS @ the GAT campus.

Dr. N Ranapratap Reddy, Principal GAT addressed the students in the conference room. He briefed about the college, the various courses offered in the engineering and various Post Graduation programs and also explained NUS students that, in Karnataka state there is one Technical university Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU).  Most of the engineering colleges in Karnataka are affiliated to VTU. There are few private universities and Deemed universities also in the state.

Bangalore is called “Silicon capital of India”. The entire country is looking for Bangalore for two reasons namely, IT sector and for Quality Higher Education. Sir mentioned proudly that as Bangaloreans, we adapt easily with other communities because of cosmopolitan mindset. Students from various parts of the Globe aspire to get education at Bangalore. On behalf of the entire management, principal welcomed all the NUS students.

Principal Dr. N Ranapratap Reddy, addressing NUS students in the conference room
Mr.NgZiKia ,The student leader of NUS- School of computing, introduced his team to the members present in the conference room

Mr. Peter Ghoi of Talentease, the coordinator for the visit thanked the Principal and Placement Director Mr. Mageshwaran for hosting the NUS students @ GAT.

He briefed that, as part of the voluntary services, two weeks back the NUS student team arrived in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. They built a e-commerce platform exclusively for farmers in rural areas to sell their products online.  Further, the NUS student team took some interactive sessions on the robotics for school students in one of the rural areas of Tamil Nadu.

Ms. Nischitha K Raj student of CSE and Ms. Megha student of ECE shared about their personal experience and student life @ GAT campus.

NUS students went around the Campus, visited the labs of all the departments. Faculties of the respective labs explained students about the various experiments and programs carried in the lab. NUS students also visited Chemistry and Physics labs.

Mrs. Padmaja, ECE faculty explaining about the experiment to the students
ECE faculty demonstrating an experiment
Student’s interaction with faculty during the lab visit
NUS Student team visit to CSE lab
Dr. Raju Hod Physics explaining the components in the physics lab
NUS students going around the campus
Students being shown the rooftop solar panels installed in the campus
Visit to the library
NUS students interacting with GAT students
Ice breaking session- NUS and GAT students

During the interaction with the students the following point where emphasised

  1. How to get technology to the under privileged
  2. Discussed on the curriculum differences
  3. Lifestyle, job opportunities

Principal explained Sir M Visvesvaraya who is Father of all Engineers, his contribution to the various fields to the NUS students and handed over the bust of Sir M Visvesvaraya, a memento to the team of NUS as a token of our affection.

Principal Dr. N Ranapratap Reddy,  handing over momentum of Sir. MV to The student leader of NUS- School of computing
Group photo before bidding farewell
Before the final farewell

Before the final farewell, the team joined us for a time of fellowship lunch at institute.
NUS student team @GAT fellowship lunch