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Science Academies Lecture Workshop on Recent Trends in NanoScience and NanoTechnology, at GAT hosted by Department of Science and Humanities 2nd and 3rd MAY 2018

Lecture workshop objective

Nanoscience, the behaviour of physical systems when confined to near atomic, nanoscale (< 100 nm) dimensions together with the physical phenomena that occur at the nanoscale, is currently one of the most dynamic and rapidly developing areas of interdisciplinary research. This is in large part because nanotechnology, the use of these properties and phenomena, is believed to have the potential to revolutionize a wide range of scientific and technological fields.
The objective of this workshop is to create a platform for teachers and students to learn, understand, and to have an opportunity to discuss with experts from JNCASR, IISC, Centre for Nano & Soft matter Sciences, Bangalore University. Also topic ‘nano materials’ is a part of I/II Sem Engineering Physics and Engineering Chemistry of VTU syllabus, students and teachers will be more benefited.