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Library Facility

About Library

College has a state-of the-art Library with a collection of more than 35000 books, 250 technical journals (69 Indian and 167 International), 3300+ CDs, 300 DVDs, etc.  The Library is located in Annex Block-II of the college building occupying an area of 800 Sq meters. Entire document collection is computerized using Libsoft package. Library has a server and 10 client PC's. The databases of Library are accessible to the PCs in the campus through LAN. Accessibility means you can conduct search on any subject and make reservations using individual ID and Password. Specialist librarians are on hand to give you specific advice and guidance on any particular subject.


In order to fulfill the Vision and Mission of GAT, Library has set itself following objectives. They are

  1. To develop a collection of documents (both in print and in electronic form) and keep them up-to-date in accordance with growing needs of users of today and tomorrow.
  2. To support academic programmes of the parent institution by providing necessary reading materials.
  3. To provide individual and group guidance to readers in making maximum use of Library resources.
  4. To encourage students to develop skills for self-education, which can sharpen their intellect and can contribute for their personality development.
  5. To support teaching staff in their teaching and research activity.
  6. To conduct user education programmes to train students and staff in making effective use Library resources.

Digital Library

A digital Library has been developed by Library. It consists of digital documents downloaded from the Internet as well as those purchased from outside sources. A Library Home Page is also being developed to help students in getting instant and easy access to Internet sources available free of cost.

Library Resources

Library has purchased following types of Resources based on the needs of the readers:

  1. Text books
  2. Reference books;
  3. Technical journals and magazines;
  4. Standards;
  5. CD-ROMs and DVDs
  6. Project reports
  7. Digital resources
  8. Competative Exam Books
  9. E-Journals

A small section of books are devoted exclusively for consultation within the Library and hence each such book is stamped as "REFERENCE COPY". The following are some of the types of Reference books stocked by Library.

  1. Text books and reference books.
  2. Dictionaries,
  3. Encyclopedias,
  4. Handbooks,
  5. Directories,
  6. Yearbooks,
  7. Mathematical tables, and
  8. Maps


In order to make the books easily accessible to the students and faculty, entire book collection is being classified according to Dewey decimal classification and arranged on the shelves according to subject sequence. Each book bears a classification symbol, which helps both students and staff either to locate or replace the books to the shelves.


To keep abrest of latest developments in information technology, the central library is fully computerized using Libsoft package. Library activities such as acquisition , cataloguing, journal control, Issue/Returns, etc. are computerized. A Web OPAC ( Open Access Public Catalague accessible through LAN and internet) is available to facilitate searching, retrieving and reservation of books by any author/title or on any subject quickly and efficiently. OPAC is also connected to LAN inside the college campus and also accessible on internet for students and staff.


Library has created a Book bank for the benefit of the SC/ST students. Another book bank is also developed since 2008 to lend extra book/s to merited students.


All students and faculty members of GAT are eligible for borrowing books and other types of documents from of the Library. An extra book is lent to each student who secures 75% or more marks in semester examination.


  1. Students and faculty members can borrow four and eight documents respectively at a time from Library. The same have to be returned to library on or before the due date marked on each book or journal lent out.
  2. Books can be renewed for a period of two more weeks if there is no demand from other readers.
  1. The borrower should take adequate care to protect the book from water, insects, etc. If a book is returned in damaged condition, then the twice the cost of the same will be recovered from the borrower.
  2. Tearing of pages, writing on books and magazines by pencil or pen is strictly prohibited. If any one is found guilty, then he/she will be subjected to disciplinary action.
  3. The loss of book/journal should be reported to library immediately to avoid escalation of overdue charges.


In addition to lending of documents, Library offers wide verities of information services to its readers. They are:

  1. Loan of books and other reading materials for home reading.
  2. Reference facility with a Reading Room with 104 seating capacity.
  3. News-clippings service.
  4. Institutional Memberships with R&D Institutions for sharing knowledge and books.
  5. Inter-library loan from other libraries as well as from DELNET.
  6. Digital Library & virtual library databases(open J-Gate, DOAJ)
  7. User education programmes and many more