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About Counseling Services

The Counseling Services Center at the Global Academy of Technology strives to provide psychological guidance and counseling services to all students and staff with a vision of promoting positive mental health. It is founded on the belief that, life outside the classroom affects the student’s growth as much as their academics imparted inside the classroom and a holistic approach is required to address the needs of the students to make education meaningful.

The center provides professional, confidential, effective and accessible counseling and guidance service, in a friendly and non-threatening setting and act as a resource for faculty & Parents in managing behavioral and psychological issues pertaining to students.

The center offers the following service


1.   Periodic proctoring system


2.   Individual counseling


3.  Parental and family counseling


4.  Crisis intervention


5.  Referral service


The service is open to all staff, students and parents. Those who wish to access the service can call on the number given below or mail your concern or just walk – in and meet the counselor.

Your right to protection of sensitive information

All students, staff and parents seeking service at the counseling center have the right to confidentiality. No information that reveals the identity of person seeking counseling or any other sensitive information will be revealed to any one without the counselee’s prior permission.

Message from the Counselor

pavithrar-counselerI am pleased to extend my warm greetings to all students, parents, and staff at Global Academy of Technology. It is a common observation that adolescence and early adulthood is a transitional life phase, the outcome of which affects an individual’s adjustment in personal and professional life. A holistic approach in education should address not only the academic needs but also personal, emotional, social, physical and spiritual needs of a student. In an increasingly materialistic society, where nuclear families are the norm with both parents working, our adolescents often find no one to confide in. Their need for guidance in psycho-social area is often overlooked or neglected. Added to this there are other stressors such as academic pressure especially faced by students in technical education, parental pressure to succeed, peer pressure to ‘fit in’ and pressure of finding a suitable employment at the end of the course. Many a times, students buckle under pressure and fall prey to unhealthy peer relationship, abuse, drug and substance use, mental health issues and suicide. As the old adage goes “prevention is always better than cure”. Thus in this context student counseling assumes paramount impotence in providing buffer against stress, in providing life direction and last but not the least preventing and treating mental health and social issues among students. At the counseling center students are encouraged to talk freely about the concerns and challenges they face in academic, personal and social life. They are carefully guided in critically analyzing the issue they are facing, introspecting on their own role in the issue, possible changes they can make in themselves and making responsible and informed decisions for their future. They are also guided in developing important life skills such as emotional self management, self awareness, effective communication, effective study habits, managing relationships and developing good work ethics. Parents and teaching faculty are involved in these discussions when necessary. Parent-child relationship and home environment are vital for student success. Thus parents are provided consultation on behavioral issues so as to facilitate healthy parent-child relationship.

I welcome all to access the counseling service to empower yourself.

Pavithra S Raghava

Student Counselor

Global Academy of Technology


Ph: 080 28603158,   Ext: 2077
Email: pavithra.raghava@gat.ac.in