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Prospective Parents

Dear Prospective Student Parent

GAT is a young institution, yet one that has evolved and matured dramatically since 2001.  GAT has successfully graduated nearly 3000 plus engineering and 500 MBA graduates till date.  GAT has also strengthened and expanded its operation and formed collaborative alliances with many Industry partners to design innovative teaching methods intended to help transform engineering education more broadly. GAT graduates have begun careers in world-class companies large and small, continued studies in pursuit of advanced degrees at many of the nation’s leading universities, joined or founded start-ups, and even gone into some surprising fields for engineers.

Given the extent to which the GAT has developed and matured over the past several years, one thing has remained constant is the spirit of GAT i.e. the excitement and engagement of its students, faculty, staff, and parents in this educational experiment is truly amazing. Almost everything about GAT is different, starting with its mission: to prepare students to become exemplary engineering innovators. Combined with a highly innovative teaching learning process, wonderful facilities, outstanding faculty, staff and students, an involved and supportive parent community, active alumni’s all have contributed to the success of the college. As a result, GAT’s reputation has grown at an astonishing pace.

Every year prospective students and parents concerned with the question of “What’s GAT…? and Why GAT….?” have grown increasing comfortable with the decision to attend. Merely an idea less than 15 years ago, today GAT is widely recognized as being on the cutting edge of engineering education, as the increasing number of companies that come to campus to recruit, the collaborative efforts with Industries, and the success of GAT’s graduates all confirm. We are very proud of our achievements and excellent academic records at GAT.  Here are some of the highlights to show you what the college is all about.

High Academic Performance

Our results are improving each year and is currently one of the top performing college in the Bengaluru under VTU. Our students have obtained university ranks, and the college is ranked in the top 10 Institution in Bengaluru.

Sportive and Creative

We have an excellent physical education director guiding and supporting a wide range of sporting clubs and teams. Healthy lifestyles is an important message within the college and we encourage this through both lessons and after college activities. Similarly, we have a vibrant music, art and cultural group participating in many intercollegiate and intra-collegiate cultural competitions giving ample opportunity for our students. We encourage you to look through the website, visit the campus, read what others are saying about GAT, and speak to parents of current students or alumni to learn more about us.

Finally, wherever the college admissions process ultimately leads your son or daughter, we wish them the best of luck and much success!

Prospective Parents

Current Students Parents

The annual Institute-Student-Parent Meeting looks into all the activities of the college for the betterment of the facilities and standards. Parents are periodically informed of the academic as well as other status of their wards. As and when required they will be requested to meet the concerned staff or head of the department for personal discussion and possible improvements.