About GAT Alumini

GAT Alumni's are the brand ambassadors of the institution and they carry nostalgic memories about their experiences during their stay at the college. The first batch of GAT Alumni came out in June 2005. Till date, more than 5000 students have graduated from this institution. Every effort is being made at the department level to keep in touch with all the Alumni's.

"Every structure on this planet stands on a foundation. So does the mankind. A good quality education is a good foundation for all of us."

"Nothing is more important to India today than building young people to serve her tomorrow......"

"We all learn a lot more by listening than we do by talking."

Yes, GLOBAL ACADEMY OF TECHNOLOGY has exactly done the above to all our alumni's and continues to do the same for existing students.

A couple of alumni meets have been conducted at the department level as well as at the institute level. These Alumni meets act as a bridge among the students,management, staff and alumni of GAT for mutual benefit and bring in synergy into the system. Through interaction at the time of alumni meet and valuable feedback from alumni, helps the institution to strengthen resources of alumni, current student and staff to improve the quality of society. Alumnis actively work with the institution actively to help current students for career development and guidance for higher studies as and when required by them. Every Department maintains the data bank of all its alumnis.

To strengthen the alumni network, a GAT Alumni Association is being formed and registerd at the institution level with an advisor and representatives from various departments. This registered association is committed in engaging and keeping a close rapport with a committee of office bearers consisting of President, Vice President, Secretary, Joint Secretary and among the alumni.

Alumni Association is vital to Global Academy of Technology and all our Alumni's are the brand ambassadors irrespective of where they make a career. As we all know an effective Alumni Association is mission critical to increasing the profile of Global Academy of Technology. Through this website we would like to leverage on the capability to tap into the network of graduates from Global Academy of Technology as it is very important and valuable to the institution for many reasons. It is an earnest attempt that is being made here in order to be able to keep contact information up to date to build an effective directory. We also want to allow alumni's who have scattered across the globe to be able to find and connect with each other. And most importantly, we want to be able to know how to get in touch with our alumni's when it comes to soliciting contributions back to the Global Academy of Technology. It is also vital to the institution to track the current information of your most important donor base. This is an humble beginning in achieving these goals.

It's that time of the every year again... Time to strengthen past associations, Relive old memorie... Go back in time and cherish the days spent in Global Academy of Technology... Yes, it's time to connect with old friends again!