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Industry Institute Interaction Cell (III C)

From the Director’s Desk

Global Academy of Technology aims to educate students and enhance knowledge. Companies develop products to meet the needs of customers. Industry Institute Interaction Cell was set up at GAT in 2017, intended at a mission to understand the companies and work with them to develop projects. Such research relationships enable the two parties to share resources they would not otherwise have access to. Most industry-academic collaborations are unique and research projects with small companies, are often different from those with large, established corporations. The most successful partnerships arise when academia and companies acknowledge and respect their distinct cultures and perspectives, and achieve a collaborative, peer-to-peer relationship despite their differences. Projects in association with industry can expose academics to interesting, real-life problems. Such projects are executed in close cohesion with industry partners
The III Cell aims at holistic growth of students and organizes a variety of events including literary activities, project exhibitions, poster competitions, photograph competitions, commemorative events, etc. It also encourages students to develop projects and applications to suit in-house college requirements such as Auditorium Booking System, developing exclusive website for the III Cell, etc. which have already been developed. We prepare the students to take up significant
responsibilities, provide facilities and opportunities to travel to learn, internships, interdisciplinary
projects and make them better scholars.
I hope you enjoy traversing through the dedicated web pages and do let us know if there are any specifics you would like to see covered in the future. Please join us in this journey. Continue
Dr. Geetha Prakash
Director, Industry Institute Interaction Cell,
Global Academy of Technology, Bengaluru

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