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Institute Industry Interaction Cell (IIIC)

At Global Academy of Technology, the Institute Industry Interaction (III) cell has been established to foster interaction between faculty, staff and students with industry.


To be an intellectual, innovative and creative technological center for effective engagement of students in a dynamic world that demands the competencies essential for success and leadership.


M1:To conduct activities with academia and industrial partners to enhance innovation and creativity.

M2:To incubate and commercialize technological projects to improve social, cultural, and economic needs of our community and our society.

M3:To deliver unique, collaborative high-quality educational opportunities, supporting and engaging our students with business and industry partners.


To explore and identify common avenues of interaction with Industry as per the requirements and policies of the institution.


For the Cell to function smoothly and to meet its objectives effectively, III C must have some core staff. The core staff should include a Coordinator from each department. The Cell should meet at least twice per semester.

From Director’s Desk III Cell

In a technologically growing world, industry institute interaction is the epicentre of an engineering institute. We are proud to partner with various industries to boost excellence amongst students to suit current industry challenges. III Cell works in synergy with industry and the community sector to find innovative solutions to today’s problems. We promote students to develop a competitive edge to be industry ready and are proud to preparing engineers with skill sets to contribute to the workforce of tomorrow.  The III Cell facilitates internships and projects in association with industries.

Please go through the rest of the page for more details on the different activities and opportunities available. It is very important that we get to know you, your interests and your aspirations.  If you have questions, please email to

We look forward to hearing from you.

Warm Regards,

Dr.  Geetha Prakash
Director, Industry Institute Interaction Cell
Global Academy of Technology

The proposed composition of the Cell is

1. Principal
2. Director, III Cell
3. Two faculty from each department
4. At least one Member from Industry/ Entrepreneurs of the region with representation from every department.
5. Alumni of the Institute from every department.


III Cell will be responsible for designing the roadmap for interaction with Industry recognizing the inherent strengths as well as the challenges of the institution.

Suggested Activities under IIIC

1. To identify and facilitate Guest Lectures, Interactive workshops, conferences, Faculty development programs, seminars, Brain Storming Sessions, Technical Discussions etc. with Members of the Industry, outside Experts, eminent personalities at regular intervals.
2. To conduct Industrial Training, Orientation Courses, Industrial Visits etc for faculty and students at regular intervals.
3. To facilitate collaborative projects and consultancy involving faculty and students.
4. To conduct industrial exhibitions to highlight research facilities and expertise available with the institution.
5. Memorandum of Understanding between the Institute and industries for strategic partnership

6. To seek and associate Experts from Industry in Curriculum improvement and review.
7. To identify Continuing Education opportunities, short-term programmes and training needs of the Industry, which the institution can provide.
8. To promote revenue generating consultancy activities for the institution like Lab Testing, Calibration
9. To assess periodically the scientific and technological scenario/ happenings in India and abroad in order to translate it into action for taking up future collaborative projects.


IIIC will be responsible for the following deliverables

1. Increase in collaboration with Industry
2. Increase in industrial training for students arranged by institution
3. Introduce internships
4. Introduce certificate courses
5. Increase in live projects by collaborating with Industry
6. Set up internship/project centre.
7. Increase in utilization of institutional resources by Industry.
8. Contributions and performance of faculty and staff in such activities needs to be recognized through awards, rewards or promotions.
9.  Offering specially tailored continuing education programmes
10. Industry-Institute interactive programmes ensuring mutual benefits including revenue generation for the institution.
11. Memberships with IESA, INSA or any other industry organization
12. Contests and competitions in association with industry
13. Awards in collaboration with industry with contribution from institute
14. Technical magazine in collaboration with industry
15. Encouraging faculty to attend workshops and seminars outside GAT campus

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