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Computer Science & Engineering (NBA Accredited upto 30-06-2022)

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About us

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering, since its inception in 2001, has always attracted the best of engineering aspirants from all over the country and abroad. It is successful in producing skilled and competent Computer Engineers and Entrepreneurs ready to satisfy the needs of the industry and society at large.

Why CSE @ GAT?

The department is equipped with adequate infrastructure to support academic, research and extra-curricular activities for the all-round development of our students with 40 well-qualified, skilled and experienced faculty members. The department frequently organizes workshops, talks and faculty development programs regularly for the benefit of the student and faculty community. The department has an impressive placement track record with 85% of the students placed in reputed organizations.

Programs offered

  • Undergraduate – Bachelor of Engineering

  • Postgraduate – Master of Technology

  • Doctoral program

Message from HOD

hod-cse I am happy to introduce you to the department of Computer Science and Engineering, Global Academy of Technology.  At GAT CSE, we train and empower our students to make the world a better place with the help of engineering principles & techniques and grow to be the leaders in their careers adhering to good ethical values.  Having undergone such a robust academic program under the guidance of highly qualified faculty members, I am sure that all the students passing out of the department are ready for a lifelong learning. The Department provides a blooming environment to students and faculties to carry out research in area like Cloud, Big Data, Data Mining and Compiler Optimization. We also interact with industries and research organizations by signing MOUs. I would like to extend a warm welcome to all future engineers and research scholars to be associated with the research activities at Department of CSE, GAT.

Wishing you all Good Luck

Dr. Srikanta Murthy K


Innovative Teaching Methods of the Department






Active Learning

Program Outcomes


About Faculty


A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart


With 40 technically well qualified, skilled and committed faculty members, the department of CSE is exciting, unique and the right place for students to pursue engineering in Computer Science. The students are provided with expert guidance by the faculty members for their academic and non – academic endeavors.

Focus Areas of Research

1.  Cloud Computing
2.  Big Data and Data Analytics
3.  Internet of Things(IOT)
4.  Wireless Sensor Networks
5.  Artificial Intelligence
6.  Machine Learning


  • Professors
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  • Staff


Associate Professors

Assistant Professors


  • Consultancy Project details


    Sl.no Title of the project Associated agency Year
    1 Smart Helmet Apogee Tech Global India, Bangalore 2018-19



    Student Internships


    1. The students of 5th semester and 7th semester were provided an opportunity to take up a 1 month internship at IIIT, Allahabad in July-August, 2019

    2. Four students of 7th semester have taken up a 1 year project internship at Bosch, Bangalore

    3. The students of 7th semester have taken up internships at reputed organizations like HAL, ISRO, WIPRO



    Student achievements


    1. Tejaswini and Yatish R, 8th semester students of Department of CSE, have published a book on “Blockchain for beginners” and the book was released on 23rdOctober 2020

    1. Vikram C, student of department of CSE, drafted and submitted a complete article on The Periodic Table published on the Global Network Xinova. Click here for the complete article

    2. Undergraduate project titled “Virtual Assistant for Blind People”,carried out by 8th Semester students Nithin Gopal, Nidhi Amarnath, Supreetha Iyenger, Prajwal G under the guidance of Dr.Kavitha C was awarded KSCST funding under 40th Series of student project program.

    3. The Department of CSE has received a grant of Rs. 2,00,000/- for conducting the Faculty Development Program on “Android Operating System and Application Programming Development”, in June 2015.

    4. Department has organized “Computer Society of India Sate Level Student Convention”, in February 2016.

    5. A batch of 30 students are certified in “VMware Vsphere 6.0”

    6. A batch of 67 students are certified in “Microsoft Cross Platform Mobile App Development”, in October 2018.

    7. Rolled out 16 batches of “INFOSYS campus connect program”.

    8. A large number of placement offers, with more than 85% of eligible students

    9. Consistent high percentage of Distinction & First-Class students.

    10. The Department has a vibrant GAT-CSI Student Chapter


    Faculty achievements


    1. Dr. Venugeetha Y completed her Ph.D from Kuvempu University in the year 2019

    2. Faculty members Ms. Snigdha Sen and Ms. Priyanka G have enrolled for Doctoral Program in IIIT, Allahabad in the month of August, 2019

    3. The Faculty members of CSE regularly take up NPTEL Certification Courses and in the academic year 2017-18, Six Faculty members have completed the NPTEL Courses, Ten faculty members have been awarded Elite Certificates  in the year 2018-19. Many Students of CSE also take up NPTEL Courses.

    4. The Faculty members of CSE regularly publish papers and articles in journals, conference proceedings with over 300 publications to their credit

    5. The Faculty members are associated with various professional bodies like CSI,ISTE etc.

    6. The Faculty members are members of various advisory committees and reviewers of various journals and conference papers

    7. The Faculty members have been invited as resource persons by various institutes to deliver talks and seminars



    Ranks in VTU Examinations




    Name : Aparna D

    USN: 1GA15SCS06

    Rank: III

    Course: M.Tech in CSE





    Name: Rashmi V

    USN: 1GA05CS031

    Rank: VI

    Course: B.E., in CSE



The Department of Computer Science has excellent classrooms and well equipped laboratories. State-of-the art technical equipment in laboratories, rich collection of books in department library and extensive e-learning opportunities provide students flexible and seamless learning experience. The department not only offers scope for research and study but also provides ample opportunities for holistic development of our students.
Each and every student is given an exclusive computer system to carryout laboratory work and projects. The department has high speed internet connectivity with Wi-Fi  access.


The Department of CSE Infrastructure Details

Events and Activities

The Department of CSE is bustling with activities for students and faculty members throughout the year. The students are provided with a myriad of opportunities and platforms for enhancing their technical knowledge as well as to showcase their cultural talents. The department also encourages faculty participation in various technical events.


Events Conducted for Faculty Members

1. A 5-day Faculty Readiness Workshop on “InfyTQ based Foundation Program” was conducted and hosted by Department of CSE in association with Infosys Campus Connect from 22nd– 26th July, 2019.

2. “A 13-day FDP on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning”, in association with IIIT,Allahabad was conducted and hosted by Department of CSE,GAT from 1st– 13th July, 2019.

3. Three Day Faculty Development Program on “System Software and Compiler Design / Operating Systems Laboratory”Workshop

4. Two Day Faculty Development Program on “ARM 7 & Keil IDE”Workshop

5. A 5-days Faculty Development Program on “Big Data Analytics” from 25th July, 2016 to 29th July,  2016

Value Added Programs for CSE Students

1. A 10 – days workshop on “Image Processing and Pattern Recognition” was conducted and hosted by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in association with IIIT Allahabad and IIT RoorkeeLtd. from 6thMarch 2020 to 15thMarch 2020 for students of GAT

1. A 3 – days workshop on “Python Programming” was conducted and hosted by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in association with Vueron Systems Pvt. Ltd. from 12thOctober 2019 to 14thOctober 2019 for 3rd semester students of GAT

2. Around 112 students participated in a 6-day workshop on “Blockchain and its applications” conducted and hosted by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in association with IIIT, Allahabad and Curl Analytics from 19thSeptember 2019 to 24thSeptember 2019.

3. A one-day session on on “Winning attitude”was conducted by Dr. Guruprasad N. on 18th September, 2019 for 3rd semester and 5th semester students of CSE & ISE. Click here for photos

4. Around 80 students participated in a 5-day workshop on “Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning” conducted and hosted by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in association with IIIT, Allahabad from 29thApril 2019 to 3rdMay 2019.

5. Two Day Workshop on “Mobile Application Development using React Native”on 16th November and 17th November 2018.

6. Two Day Workshop on “Virtualization & Cloud by VMware”on 15th November and 16th November 2018.

7. Two Day workshop on “Android Apps Development” Workshop on 5th October 2018 and 6th October 2018.

8. Microsoft Certification on “Cross Platform Mobile Application and Development using JAVA Script” – October 2018.

9. Two Day Workshop on  “Network Designing using Cisco Packet tracer”on on 27th February to 1st March 2018.

10. Two Day Workshop on “UML Modelling and Design Patterns”on 13th and 15th May 2017 for final year students.

11. Department techno-cultural fest“Genesys” hosted on 22nd and 23rd Feb 2017.

12. Certification program on “VSpere 6.0”conducted for third year CSE students in January 2017.

13. Two Day Workshop on“Python Programing” on on 27th and 28th August 2016.

14. Two Day Workshop on “Arduino Programming & Applications of IOT”on on 27th and 28th August 2016.

15. Two Day Workshop on “Raspberry – PI & Applications of IOT”on 27th and 28th August 2016.

16. Two Day Workshop on “Network Simulator -2”on 5th and 6th April 2016.

17. One day Workshop on “Image Processing Using MATLAB”on 29th October 2015.

Department News Letters


1. 2018-19 Vol III – Issue I Click Here

2. 2017-18 Vol II – Isuue II Click here

3. 2017-18 Vol II – Issue I Click Here

csi-logo GAT CSE CSI Student Branch 

 Membership Number 102260 

The students of the Department of CSE are members of GAT-CSE-CSI-Student Branch. Technical talks, workshops, guest lectures, student convention and many other activities are conducted regularly in the Department for the benefit of the students.


List of Events Conducted under GAT CSE CSI Student Branch  Click here

IT  VIRTUOSO Club    itclubcse

IT Virtuoso – The Department Technical Club organizes Technical Talks, Programming Contest, Quiz and other Technical activities to foster competitive spirit and build Technical skills among the students. As part of the IT-club activity, “GENESYS” – A Technical Fest is organized by the students once in 2 years and students from all the Departments of Global Academy of Technology participate.


  • Learn more about yourself, your goals, and your strengths
  • Improve technical skills – coding, debugging
  • Foster Competitive spirit
  • Develop soft skills like communication, and attitude
  • Learn how to work in a team
  • Meeting new students, making connections, and building relationships
  • Get break from studies and have fun
  • Expand your resume

The Office Bearers of the Club


1.Jeevan Swaroop K, 5th semester, Student Secretary


2.Harismitha P, 5th semester, Student coordinator


3.Kaushik N, 5th semester, Student coordinator


4.R Nishanth Holla, 5th semester, Student coordinator


5.Prerana G M, 5th semester, Student coordinator


6.Ananya A S, 5th semester, Student coordinator


7.Aaditya R, 3rd semester, Student coordinator


8.Akhiladevi M, 3rd semester, Student coordinator


9.Amrutha M, 3rd semester, Student coordinator


10.Anagha B S, 3rd semester, Student coordinator


11.Anushree B V Pathar, 5th semester, Student coordinator


12.Arpitha N G, 3rd semester, Student coordinator


13.Aravindan G, 3rd semester, Student coordinator


14.Bhoomika J V, 3rd semester, Student coordinator


15.Chandanashree K R, 3rd semester, Student coordinator


16.Srinarayana Tantry, 3rd semester, Student coordinator


17.Nikhil, 3rd semester, Student coordinator


18.Nishchitha R Hathwar, 3rd semester, Student coordinator


19.Ramya R Koushik, 3rd semester, Student coordinator


20.Reshma R, 3rd semester, Student coordinator


21.Sharan S, 3rd semester, Student coordinator


22.Sohan LV, 3rd semester, Student coordinator


23.Vaishnavi P, 3rd semester, Student coordinator


24.Vrushank RP, 3rd semester, Student coordinator


Faculty Coordinators


1. Mrs. Kangavalli R, Associate Professor, Department of CSE

2. Mrs. Priyanga P, Associate Professor, Department of CSE

3. Mr. Shyam Sundar Bhushan, Associate Professor, Department of CSE


List of Events Conducted under IT  VIRTUOSO Club Click here

Department Vision

To achieve academic excellence and strengthen the skills to meet emerging challenges of computer science and engineering

Department Mission

  • To impart strong theoretical foundation in the field of Computer Science and Engineering accompanied with extensive practical skills.
  • To inculcate research and innovation spirit through interaction with industry and carry out projects that address societal needs.
  • In still professional ethics and values with concern for environment.

Program Educational Objectives [PEOs]

Graduates in Computer Science & Engineering will be able to:

PEO1:  Succeed in engineering/management positions with professional Ethics

PEO2:  Engage in improving professional knowledge through Certificate/post – graduate programs in engineering or management.

PE03:  Establish themselves as entrepreneurs and contribute to the society

Program Specific Outcomes [PSOs]

At the end of the Computer Science and Engineering UG degree program,  our Graduates will be able to:

PSO1: Design, Implement and test system software and application software to meet the desired needs.

PSO2: Develop solutions in the area of communication networks, data base Systems and computing systems.