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Open Day @ GAT 2018 24th Nov 2018, Organized by III Cell

Open Day @ GAT 2018, on 24th Nov 2018,  Organized by Industry Institute Interaction Cell

Open Day @GAT was held on Saturday Nov 24th 2018 from 8.30 am to 2.00pm. Events were open to all engineering students from across branches and semesters.

Open Day @ GAT showcased the skills and capabilities of engineering students in catering to the needs of society with the help of their technical knowledge. The future engineers demonstrate their project ideas and projects devised for the betterment of the society; and in the process establish themselves strongly in the Industrial arena as well as Research prospects.

Open day unveiled the innovative ideas of the undergraduates to the society and enhance the awareness of the local community regarding new and trending technologies.

The events on Open day included project demonstrations and Poster presentation.

Undergraduates who have been educating and improving themselves had put up exhibits to show their creativity.

Open Day @ GAT 2018 was proudly supported by Advanced Computing and Communications Society. Prizes in the form of Intel Single Board computers were given to all First Prize winners.

Second and third prizes were given away in the form of Books sponsored by McGrawHill.

58 projects were exhibited during the event over the following themes.

Technological Systems with Societal Impact : Projects which create, design and construct appropriate technology and learn about technology being introduced in small-scale community developments to solve water, sanitation, energy and health problems in developing countries. Improve the world’s “quality of life” tackling environmental and health challenges in developing countries. Develop innovative technologies and models to empower people in developing countries to earn money and improve their communities and lives.

Assistive Technology related to Healthcare: Projects related to the application of technology to assist people with disabilities. The project is to improve the life of a person in the community who is physically challenged.

Fun with Fluids – These projects entail designing and building kinetic exhibits exploiting one or more fluid properties. Project themes may include: water/air quality, pumping, distillation, filtering, buoyancy, pressure, turbines, energy, cooling, heating, power, etc.

Engineering and Environment – Projects that are engineering solutions to environmental problems. The problems can include water and air pollution, energy use, recycling, solid wastes, resource depletion, ecological impacts and land use, sustainability, and green engineering.

Optics in daily life: Highlighting the importance of light science and optical technologies in leading to improved quality of life and for the future development of society.  Focus on application areas related to sustainable development, and to show how light-based technologies can provide practical solutions to global challenges in areas such as renewable energy, education, agriculture, and healthcare.

Science Models:  Students can demonstrate Science Models which explain a science concept. This is open only to First Year students.

Software and App development  relevant to the themes listed: The Competition would be for the student  to develop software applications related to one or more of the themes listed above. Submissions may be any kind of software application, be it for the web, a personal computer, a mobile handheld device, console, SMS, or any software platform broadly available to the public.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Gaming: Projects that demonstrate the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning; gaming related projects.

Project Exhibition:  Project exhibition on Open Day is a platform for students to demonstrate their projects and showcase their talents in new innovations and research.

Participants will be able to exchange their thoughts and have discussions with industry experts. Most projects are industry or research-based and cover a wide range of disciplines.

There were 8 panels of judges for projects and one panel for evaluating posters. In all, 20 experts from industry including GAT alumni were invited to evaluate the projects and posters.

Projects were evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:
Evaluation Criteria:

Project Presentation – Total 100 pts

  1. Poster: 10 pts
  2. Interview: 25 pts
  3. Creativity: 20 pts
  4. Execution: 20 pts
  5. Design & Methodology: 15 pts
  6. Research Problem/Question: 10 pts

The event was hosted by CrowdProduct on their platform which hosted videos of the projects live on this platform. They also certified 5 best projects.


8 different panels were made and roughly 7 projects were allocated per panel. 8 First prizes in the form of Intel Single Board Computers were given to First Prize winners.

AgroMarket Dynamics details developed by our students are available in the public domain on


Panel 1

  Name of the Project Team Leader

(Name and USN)

Team Members

(Name and USN)

1st Prize Agro Market Dynamics Mani Ashwin


Sri Harsha – 1GA17CS154

Jeevan Swaroop – 1GA17CS066

2nd Prize Smart supply chain management using blockchain Tejaaswini N


Vinith S – 1GA16CS178

Yathish R – 1GA16CS186

Panel 2

  Name of the Project Team Leader

(Name and USN)

Team Members

(Name and USN)

1st Prize Implementation of Honeypot Ananya


2nd Prize Emotion recognition system Rahul Bhat T R


Sandesh S – 1GA15IS037

Narasimhan N – 1GA15IS024

Gurukarthik S – 1GA15IS012

Panel 3

  Name of the Project Team Leader

(Name and USN)

Team Members

(Name and USN)

1st Prize Smart farming K M Bharath Kumar


Harshitha A – 1GA17CS59
2nd Prize Firefighting robot Girish Bn


Ashish Kumar – 1GA17EC016