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“SATYAGRAHA MAADI”, 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhiji’s celebrated on October 1st 2018,@GAT

“SATYAGRAHA MAADI”, 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhiji’s celebrated on October 1st 2018,@GAT

Global Academy of Technology, prestigious institute in the city of Bangalore, had organized a discussion on “SATYAGRAHA MAADI” campaign in collaboration with Gram Seva Sangh led by Sri. Prasanna, an eminent Gandhian Activist, on the occasion of 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhiji’s birth on October 1st 2018 in the college auditorium.

The main objective of this program: Principal Dr. N Rana Pratap Reddy sir always ensure that the sacrifices of the great leaders should be remembered in this great campus and sir ensures that along with the technical education, students should be educated on the history of this great country.

The Principal sir started the event by welcoming: Sri Lepaksha. President of the function,

Hon’ble Sri.Prasanna, Theatre Director, Writer and Gandhian Activist.

Ms.Shamala Devi, Sociologist.

Prof. G Shivarama Krishnan, Sociologist.

Mr.VenkatanathanRaghavachari, Rtd RBI Officer.

Respected Sri.Venkatappa, Additional Secretary, National Education Foundation.


Principal Dr.RanaPratap Reddy sir welcoming the dignitaries on the dias. Right to left: Sri. Lepaksha, Mr.Venkatanathan Raghavachari, Sri. Venkatappa, Sri. Prasanna, Sri. Shamala Devi, Prof. G Shivarama Krishnan

Respected Sri.Prasanna, Theatre Director, Writer and Activist, who has led lot of satyagraha movements to support agriculture and handloom community of Karnataka. Prasanna sir has led the movement called “Tax denial satyagraha” as a protest to withdraw GST implementation on all Handloom products for which the state has responded favorably. He also written and directed several plays in various languages.

Father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi is so much part of every Indian’s belief that it is virtually impossible to imagine a free India without Bapu.

On this important occasion, Principal sir said Mahatma Gandhi’s impact on human history is as significant as that of Jesus Christ, Buddha and Karl Marx. Sir also bought to the notice what two great leaders, Albert Einstein and Jawaharlal Nehru have said about Mahatma.

Albert Einstein said “He is a leader of people, unsupported by any outward authority, a Politician whose success rests not upon craft not the mastery of technical devices, but simply on the convincing power of his personality”.

After the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, the news was conveyed to the country by Prime Minister Nehru by radio as follows, “Friends and comrades that the light has gone out of lives” and there is darkness everywhere and “I do not know what to tell you and how to say it”. Our beloved leader, Bapu as we call him, the father of the Nation, is no more. Perhaps I am wrong to say that. Nevertheless, we will not see him again as we have seen him these many years. We will not run to him for advice and seek solace from him that is a terrible blow not to me only but millions and millions in this country. And it is difficult to soften the blow by any advice that I or anyone else can give you. “The light has gone out, I said, and yet I was wrong. For the light that shone in this country was no ordinary light”. The light that has illuminated this country for these many years will illuminate this country for many more years to come and a thousand years later that light will still be seen in the country, and the world will see it and it will give solace to innumerable heart.

Hon’ble Sri. Prasanna addressed the students and explained them about the importance of Gandhian activities. He said, Students are the future of the India, who will be constructing the buildings, will be developing software’s, design cities, design factories and getting trained to make huge profits. Mahatma Gandhi ji was opposite to this and constructed small scale organizations/industries where people work with their hands and made less profit. But people had work in their hands and could lead a simple life.


Sri. Prasanna addressing the students

“The development what Bapuji insisted is opposite to the development that youth are planning to do in the future”. So practically it is not possible for students to leave current course and go back to your place, instead being a student, you should be aware of what are the consequences of this development you are part of. Such consequences are environmental crisis, global warming and more than everything which everyone of us are experiencing is that hugely, fastly moving city is coming to a stand still.

Today best of the scientist says – “If this sort of development continue for long time wit same speed and aggression then whole humanity will destroy itself”.

Example: The greatest scientist of 2nd half of the 20th century Stephen Hawking just before his death says that- I will give atmost 300 years for this humanity to survive. This is only because we are doing something which is not natural to us, it is terribly unnatural to us. We are building the system through which the system itself will make things to us, to produce things for us, manufacture and sell things for us and as a result the natural self-inside us has only become the consumer. Prasanna sir explained students, this situation with an example as –  In the ancient age people were involved physically in earning money, people were planting, harvesting, cultivating the grains in the field, people were involved in weaving cloths. But today all these works are done by the machines are we are just stuck inside the system.

Each one of us is actually two things:

  1. Deep inside we belong to living system.
  2. From outside we were supposed to be civilized but we have become machines, we run by machines and we are controlled by the machines.

From outside we are machines but inside still there is life and we are alive. There is an internal tension between the life inside and the machine. This developed model and the Gandhian model is not only the tension between village and city, rich and poor but infact it is the tension deep in us which is making us tensed, mentally ill and bothering us. To help us to solve or come out of the stress, people are getting into other habits like drugs, alcoholism.

Early 80% of the Indian population then was poor and they all supported Gandhi. But once we got independence, slowly the thought process of the human life has changed to the more comforts and need for easy life which led to the developments. Gradually after 1947, people started forgetting Gandhi and thought for all developments lead to Engineering life style not just engineering the machine. Because of the crisis of this development, Prasanna sir suggested to come back to Gandhi ji and understand his model. Considering all the current human life, may be it is sensible to go back to Gandhi ji.


Sri. Prasanna delivering the importance of Gandhian

He advised students to have simple life style and spend less money. Through these examples, sir explained Gandhi ji can be approached as an alternative development model, especially engineering students should think of this alternative model so that even while in future when developing the technology, while working with the technology think of developing the smaller technologies and sustainable technologies as there may not be petrol, atomic energy in the future. This simple, smaller and sustainable technology is Gandhi ji.

Prasanna sir when asked question by the student, Should I give up my current life style to become Gandhi, replied as first meet Gandhi ji by understanding his philosophy then become Gandhi by not giving up the life style but change the life style.

Principal sir on this occasion in continuation with the Prasanna’s view advised students that it is not that you should stop improving the technologies. Sir said definitely a technology has to improve from time to time. Only thing that we have to keep in our mind is, any technology developed for the benefit of the community must be sustainable. Sir, also advised students never go against nature. Nature has its own power to show what it can do. Try to build a technology which can be sustainable so that we can give something for the generation to come.


Principal sir advising students on the Gandhi philosophy

The other three eminent speakers explained about Gandhi ji by taking questions from the students.

The following were the questions discussed in the session

  1. When we look back the history, Did India have to pay high price for the Passive nature of Gandhi ji?

Mr. Venkatanathan Raghavachari, Rtd RBI Officer answered this question.

Sir, answered as from history when read as whole we understand the fact that Gandhi ji was most powerful man that he was never passive. If he had been passive, we would have not got Independence. Gandhi is the person who taught non-violence is the way of getting things done. Today world leaders recognize Gandhi. If we see the recent wars in the world, many human lives was lost, violence was let loose, just to capture the power virtually destroyed the humanity. Gandhi was very powerful. In today’s context not only in India, all over the world Gandhi is very relevant. Without losing humanity, without letting chemical war are, he won the independence and ensured peace for the country. Today if we are enjoying freedom it is because Gandhi ji. Therefore Gandhi was relevant never passive, very practical and also he never hated his enemies. He looked every human being as God’s own creation and respected everyone This is relevance of Gandhi.


Mr. Venkatanathan addressing the students

  1. If Gandhi ji would have been alive, on which of all activities he would have been proud and on all which all he would have been sad?

Mr. Venkatanathan answered to this question. Their answer was, may be if Gandhi was alive, country would have not been as bad as it is today and things would have been much better and he would have continued to follow his ideas. If he had live definitely intolerance, so called developmental model, victim for global imperialism, he would have shed his tears. In past he had his own way to fast to express his protest, he would continue to do same to protest the current situation.

Gandhi ji would have definitely been happy to see the confidence of today’s young minds.

  1. During the partition, why did the Gandhi ji accept the agreement and let partition to happen?
  2. Should we still follow non violence for the crimes activities against women?

For these two questions Sri. Shamala Devi and Prof. G Shivarama Krishnan answered.


The eminent speakers answering the students question

All the dignitaries on the dias has felicitated Sri. Prasanna.


Felicitating Sri.Prasanna

Respected Sri.Venkatappa, Additional Secretary NEF has addressed the students and advised students always before we answer anything we should know the history. Sir also explained students how Gandhi became Mahatma by narrating the story of Gandhi’s visit to South Africa.


Sri.Venkatappa addressing the students